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Whoa, a lot has been happening.

About a week ago I made a huge decision.

I'm moving to Scottsdale, Arizona next month.

My sister and her husband live there already and she has a job lined up for me at her law firm. I'm gonna live with them for a few months till i save up enough to get my own place. Im ready to move away from louisville so much. I never thought I'd be one of those people. Ive always liked Louisville, until recently... i mean its still great and all but its the same people and same things day after day. It gets old fast. I dont have a boyfriend, kids or anything tying me down right now so i figure why not?

I'm so excited and have ben doing a lot of research lately. I mean ive been there several times and kinda know my way around but theres still little things getting used to. I wanna be here for Christmas and ill drive out on like the 28th or 29th.

I redid my myspace and will be checking it a lot more so i can stay in touch. And who knows, maybe ill finally get a facebook :)

Next fall I think ill enroll in ASU.. not sure for what yet, lol.

well, tired of typing.
8am right now.

i was halfway to class and my friend called telling me my first class was cancelled, so i came home.

Ya know, the best part about waking up early is the fact that you dont have to feel guilty about eating breakfast.
I always felt bad about waking up at noon and making breakfast foods. Its like, its not breakfast time u shouldnt eat it.

I made oatmeal. i havent had it in a long time.
I never knew how to make it, but i read the directions and found out its microwavable :)

Watching Mike and Mike right now. Apparently Tom Brady's newborn has been named. John Edwards Thomas. And he wants to call him Jet.

Aug. 29th, 2007

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Dumbo octopus... awesome creature!

Holy busy life!!

First off, right before school started i got the most random knock sat the door. It was my long time friend Shannon who i havent seen in forever.
We kinda drifted apart...err.. ok, honestly, i have a major problem with ppl when thye have kids and/or get married.
Its just different and we end up not being able to hang out like before so i just push them outta my life. Not to mention i cant stand babies. Todllers, great, they are fun but babies suck.
Anyways, she showed up and we hung out and talked for a long time. There was a job offer that she presented me with that she wanted to start training to bring back "old times".
I kept telling her i have school too, but that didnt stop her from convincing me.
August 20th school started and so did the "job". It was a loan officer job. I remember mike was one for a long time and made awesome money.
But the 2nd day, we found out it was a transfer job.. we walked out.

I went out with Lindsy too, i havent done that in forever. we went to saddleridge and got drunk and hooked up with navy guys that are leaving this week. As bad as that senario sounds, i think i needed it.

Alex is back in my life. Funny how it happened.

I still play World of Warcraft. Started up a new character, a priest. really fun, already lvl 55. But, lots of guid drama crap was going on.. im tired of being an officer, i dont like dealing with it all, its too much considering its a game. I think ppl forget that.
One day, i saw kazooie pop on. Kazooie is alex's toon. he hasnt played since november or december. i didnt say hi.
but he whispered me, i played it off liek it wasnt me
Elizabeth decided to make friends with him, i dunno why. It was hard dealing with her telling me things about him and how she would quest with him and things.
So it got me interested, and i messaged him.
We went out and hung out at the park.
We went back to his place and hung out more, then i went home.

I dunno, hes calling me everyday, but i dont know what to do with it.
Ive always had commitment issues, whenever things get serious, i pick ppl apart and look at their faults. then dwell on them, until i convince myself i cant stand them anymore.
We'll see where that takes us.

The other night while trying to sleep, i was watching Blue Planet.
I loooove learning about the different animals in the sea. Mostly the twilight zone. The transluent fishes are amazing to me.
If i could go down in a shuttle and just sit andwatch all the creatures, it would be the best part of my life, hands down.

i found this interesting, its a sea life quiz http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/blueplanet/quiz/quiz.html

i got a 50 out of 70 :)
im awesome.. actually i just remember a lot that was said in Blue Planet, lol
haha, found an old scrapbook me and donna created.
i cant believe how obsessed with wrestling we were.
*sigh* we were such dorks....
Spring is just around the corner. I heard somewhere that it actually starts tomorrow.. I hope they are right.
Do you all know what spring brings?
No, not april showers... tennis!
The past couple of weeks I have gone to play and talk about being sore :(

Elizabeth and I hung out with someone we havent in a long time. Lindsy.
I forgot how much fun we used to have. Yes she can be pretty over-bearing sometimes, but i still love her :)
I really want to start hanging out with her again, we had a blast.

Speaking of tennis... time for a quick game!!


well, its definately been a while since ive posted. i can tell because i coudnt find where to "post an entry" at, lol.

hope everyone has a happy halloween!

Long Day...

i really cant stand graduations.
my sister graduated from Chase Law School today in Florence, Ky. and it was the absolute worst!! it was soooo boring and long.
Not to mention i had only 3 hours of sleep. i went to alex's house last night and we watched the Stewie movie, if you havent seen it and like family guy.... SEE IT!
The guest speaker sounded and acted JUST like Dumbledore. All he needed was the beard and hat. He kept talking about a flame and a candle and i was just waiting for him to wave his hand over one and make a flame appear and disappear :)

Anyways, after the ceremony we all went to the Macaroni Grill to eat. Ive never been there before but the food was awesome! the ceasar salad coulda been better but overall everything was nice. Justice had a blast there just because she was able to color on the BIG paper that they lay out for you. Some couple was sitting at a table across from us and when i took justice out of her highchair to take her to the bathroom, she ran over to them and started yelling "go big blue"... the guy had on a UK hat and she reconized it. i was sooo proud!

We went to lexington to all hang out at Lizabit's and Parker's. we had to eat cake and basically just celebrate. Lizabit is starting to show now and getting bigger. Justice knows theres a baby on the way and its sooo cute. Parker and Chris were showing me Grand Theft Auto: vice city. i LOVE that game. i had never played any of the grand theft autos before and i think im gonna have to go back and play them all :P

I had heard David Copperfield got mugged about a week ago but didnt ever really hear the full story. He apparently ended up talking the guy out of mugging him and convincing him that he didnt have a penny to his name. lol, talk about an illusionist!!

OK, time to catch up on some much needed sleep, ill update more later
Have a great day!!

Here we go again!!

so Britney Spears finally announced that she IS pregnant again. i really do like her but HATE Kevin Federline. its just scary that theres gonna be ANOTHER Fedy running around :(

I'm still REALLY mad and sad that Chris got sent home. i think me and the rest of the world is in complete shock.

Ryan has his surgery today for his back and i hope everything goes well! I'm sure it will :P

Elizabeth put a myspace video on her profile and it made me sad cuz i cant wait till Nip/Tuck starts back up!!

I hung out with Alex again last night and had a blast. im just happy that things are going sooo well. :)

well, gotta take a shower.


i want to cry and yell!!
granted i forgot to watch and vote but EVERYONE else should have!!!!!