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Aug. 29th, 2007

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Dumbo octopus... awesome creature!

Holy busy life!!

First off, right before school started i got the most random knock sat the door. It was my long time friend Shannon who i havent seen in forever.
We kinda drifted apart...err.. ok, honestly, i have a major problem with ppl when thye have kids and/or get married.
Its just different and we end up not being able to hang out like before so i just push them outta my life. Not to mention i cant stand babies. Todllers, great, they are fun but babies suck.
Anyways, she showed up and we hung out and talked for a long time. There was a job offer that she presented me with that she wanted to start training to bring back "old times".
I kept telling her i have school too, but that didnt stop her from convincing me.
August 20th school started and so did the "job". It was a loan officer job. I remember mike was one for a long time and made awesome money.
But the 2nd day, we found out it was a transfer job.. we walked out.

I went out with Lindsy too, i havent done that in forever. we went to saddleridge and got drunk and hooked up with navy guys that are leaving this week. As bad as that senario sounds, i think i needed it.

Alex is back in my life. Funny how it happened.

I still play World of Warcraft. Started up a new character, a priest. really fun, already lvl 55. But, lots of guid drama crap was going on.. im tired of being an officer, i dont like dealing with it all, its too much considering its a game. I think ppl forget that.
One day, i saw kazooie pop on. Kazooie is alex's toon. he hasnt played since november or december. i didnt say hi.
but he whispered me, i played it off liek it wasnt me
Elizabeth decided to make friends with him, i dunno why. It was hard dealing with her telling me things about him and how she would quest with him and things.
So it got me interested, and i messaged him.
We went out and hung out at the park.
We went back to his place and hung out more, then i went home.

I dunno, hes calling me everyday, but i dont know what to do with it.
Ive always had commitment issues, whenever things get serious, i pick ppl apart and look at their faults. then dwell on them, until i convince myself i cant stand them anymore.
We'll see where that takes us.

The other night while trying to sleep, i was watching Blue Planet.
I loooove learning about the different animals in the sea. Mostly the twilight zone. The transluent fishes are amazing to me.
If i could go down in a shuttle and just sit andwatch all the creatures, it would be the best part of my life, hands down.

i found this interesting, its a sea life quiz http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/blueplanet/quiz/quiz.html

i got a 50 out of 70 :)
im awesome.. actually i just remember a lot that was said in Blue Planet, lol


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Aug. 29th, 2007 09:29 pm (UTC)
I know I should'nt have, but I actually laughed when I read the part of your post that said "I hate babies".
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